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Regenesis has pioneered many fundamental strategies and processes employed in modern engineered bioremediation. As an example we have established the use of time-release compounds that accelerate the natural degradation processes so critical in the cost-effective management of contaminated sites. Further, these actions helped to firmly establish the logic of in-situ groundwater remediation protocols whereby the remedy is delivered to the problem - rather than the reverse case that demands mechanical and operationally intensive operations.

We practice the art of accelerated natural attenuation, which teaches that Nature knows best, but that sometimes needs a helping hand. A wide variety of microorganisms are capable of restoring contaminated environments to pristine conditions by their metabolic processes, however, these activities require a supporting cast of molecules. These additional factors are oftentimes "limiting" and must be provided in the proper quantities at the proper rate. So, for the biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons oxygen is required, but oxygen is minimally soluble in water and is used up very rapidly in the presence of the pollutants. The solution, as we provide it, is to inject our Oxygen Release Compound (ORC ) to supply a steady and sustainable stream of oxygen - thus accelerating the natural remediation process. We follow suit with respect to tackling chlorinated hydrocarbons, except that the degradation process requires hydrogen rather than oxygen and is therefore best served with Hydrogen Release Compound (HRC ). Recent additions to these core products are Metals Remediation Compound (MRC ) based on a proprietary organo-sulfur compound that sequesters and precipitates toxic metals.

New and more recent developments have moved Regenesis into the chemical oxidation arena. Indeed a departure from our biological history but nonetheless still involving the familiar medium of groundwater and soil. RegenOx™ redefines chemical oxidation with the use of new and exciting chemistry that delivers treatment to a broad range of contaminants and at a competitive price.

As part of a highly progressive style of client interaction we have set new standards in the environmental industry for product development and management support. Among other things, Regenesis funds a significant portfolio of basic research in major universities and applied research with consultants and end users in the field. The sheer volume of our activities produces an understanding of the performance of our products that cannot be matched. To cap this level of achievement, the customer support provided by our sales engineers to convey the "lessons learned" is widely recognized is second to none in our industry and has become a model that is often copied but never duplicated.

Demonstration Objectives:

After reading this section and attending this demonstration the attendee will have an increased knowledge of the state-of-the art in low-cost, easy to apply, enhanced bioremediation and chemical oxidation.

Demonstration Outline:

The Regenesis demonstration information will include:

" In-Situ Enhanced Aerobic Bioremediation using:
- Oxygen Release Compound (ORC®), what it is and how it works.
- Oxygen Release Compound ADVANCED™ what it is and how it works

" In-Situ Enhanced Anaerobic Bioremediation using:
- Hydrogen Release Compound (HRC®), what it is and how it works
- Extended Formula HRC (HRC-X®), what it is and how it works

" In-Situ Chromium Remediation using:
- Metals Remediation Compound (MRC®), what it is and how it works

" In-Situ Chemical Oxidation using:
- NEW! RegenOx™…Chemical Oxidation Redefined, what it is and how it works

" Information on product application, injection design, monitoring and lessons learned will also be available

FREE ONLINE SEMINAR: In-Situ Chemical Oxidation for soil and groundwater is a rapid, effective and low-cost means of achieving site remediation. This complimentary online seminar will discuss the various means of chemical oxidation and introduce RegenOx™ the latest in remediation science from Regenesis. Click here to learn more or register: https://www.meetingbridge.com/Seminar/Seminar.aspx?Test=Y&SeminarCd=44698977


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