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Greely Construction - Horizontal Directional Drilling Services

With nearly 20 years of progressive experience Greely has become one of Canada's leading utility construction contractors through the application of such innovative technology as Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD). We have been frequently called upon to provide cost-effective and non-invasive solutions to our base of telecom, CATV, hydro, water, sewer and gas customers. Greely Construction prides itself on its ability to adapt its technology in order serve other markets that may require traditional or specialized solutions. Site characterization and remediation techniques utilizing HDD equipment are an example of this.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

What is Horizontal Directional Drilling?

The use of HDD was developed to install utility pipes and cables beneath or around a variety of surface obstacles including roads, rivers and railways. The technology was conceived in the 1970's combining techniques used by road boring and oil and gas directional drilling. HDD's are relatively compact and have a small footprint that allows the equipment to be set up in relatively tight spaces such as the boulevard of a roadway.

Typically a small two-person crew is required including a drill operator and a tracker. The tracker directs the progress of the drill by using a hand held device that gathers data from a sonde located in the drill head just behind the bit. Adjustment to the drill line and level is made throughout the process achieving a very high degree of accuracy. After a pilot bore is complete, a reamer is pulled back thus increasing the diameter of the bore to enable the placement of a pipe or cable. Throughout the drilling and reaming process, drilling fluids and mud's are used to lubricate the drill head, stabilize the hole and flush away the cuttings.

The Horizontal Directional Drilling Advantage

HDD equipment has a relatively short set up time and crew labour requirements are minimal. The method provides a simple and effective way of obtaining sub-surface soil samples and enabling site characterization of areas that are otherwise obstructed by man-made or natural features located over top. By utilizing a specialized sampler bit, Greely can quickly and accurately obtain a series of soil samples that can help determine the existence and extent of sub-surface contaminants. Further applications of its HDD equipment include the installation of in-situ drainage / pumping mechanisms as well as the potential for bioremediation seeding. The footprint of the equipment is small and it can therefore access hard to reach or congested areas. In addition, costly reinstatement of the surrounding landscape is avoided.

In- Situ Sewer & Water System Rehabilitation - Pipe Bursting

A significant amount of this sewer and water infrastructure across Canada is several decades old and is approaching or is at the end of its life cycle. Such aged infrastructure must be renewed or replaced to mitigate environmental risk and inconvenience to the population. Cost-effective and reliable techniques are therefore required by municipalities that struggle with budget constraints and negative public reaction to the disruptive conventional construction techniques that are typically used. A majority of existing sewer and water pipes have been covered over by streets, sidewalks, landscaping and even buildings. Replacement by open trench construction will be very disruptive due to the proximity of other utilities and the need to excavate and replace everything above the affected pipe.

The Technology

Pipe bursting can be used to replace pipes without using open trench methods. Pipe bursting is accomplished by pulling a bursting device through the existing pipe. This device by virtue of its size or its radial expansion capability shatters the old pipe and forces the fragments into the surrounding soil. The new pipe is usually attached to the bursting device and is thus pulled into place as the device advances.

Pipe bursting is receiving more and more attention as a viable alternative to open trench replacement. Pipe Bursting can be used for pipes ranging in size from 2 inches to 30 inches and new bursting tools and techniques are being developed that will increase the upper limit to four feet. The process can be used on pipes made of cast iron, thin wall steel, concrete, clay, asbestos, PVC and polyethylene (PE)


Because it requires minimal excavation, pipe bursting is a preferred solution for installing new pipes in high- profile areas where disruption to surrounding businesses, resident and environment is an important consideration. It also reduces overflow in wet weather and minimizes the need for bypass pumping.

Wind Turbine Installations

Greely Construction has been active in supporting the emergence of a sustainable market for renewable energy systems within the province of Ontario. Specifically, Greely has focused on providing customers with a unique, cost-effective "turn-key" service for the design and implementation of mid-size wind turbine systems. These turbines are rated in the 80 KW - 250 KW range and are typically mounted on 40 m towers and grid connected.


- geotechnical investigation and tower foundation design by staff professional engineers
- construction of tower foundation and materials quality control
- tower erection, assembly of turbine and rotors and mounting of turbine on tower
- CAD plans, drawings for construction and municipal approval
- final commissioning of entire turbine system
- routine and emergency maintenance programs post implementation


This technology has also given us the opportunity to place kilometers of road drainage tile for various companies across the provinces, since it is one of the most cost effective placement methods. The use of high speed trenching was developed for the installation of utility pipes, drainage tile and foundations. These trenchers are equipped with conveyors for loading excavated material into dump trucks. Typically one trencher under normal conditions will excavate kilometers per day.


- Trenching widths from .3 to .6 meters.
- Trenching depths from .3 to 1.5 meters
- Trenching through soil.
- Trenching through rock.
- Trenching through frost.

Subsurface Utility Engineering

Greely views Subsurface Utility Engineering (S.U.E.) as an engineering process that is a proven effective tool that can reduce the number of subsurface utility accidents, damages, claims and significant construction delays. This process stands to locate, depict and disseminate vital information before starting construction in order to avoid unwelcome and costly surprises later on. The use of S.U.E. in the planning and design phases of a utilities infrastructure project allows engineers to narrow down the geographic regions where good quality information is required and proposes methods whereby the location of utility conflicts can be physically and non-destructively determined.


- Subsurface Utility Designating: This service determines the existence and
approximate horizontal position of underground utilities.

- Subsurface Utility Physical Locating: This service offers minimally invasive
methods of excavating including HydroVac equipment. This activity allows
for the precise determination of the horizontal and vertical position of the
underground utility to be documented and provides the highest quality data.

- Subsurface Utility Surveying: This service utilizes survey instruments such as
levels, theodolites, rods and GPS. GPS surveying techniques also allow for the
simple transfer of data to CADD and GIS systems.

- Data Management: The data management service ranges from updating
information on existing utility drawings or construction plans to the creation
of completely new utility plans.

- Professional Services: In this final service, our professional staff within
Greely and affiliate companies can offer consultation, conflict determinations
and utilities coordination where and when warranted.

Greely Construction - The "Greely Advantage"

Greely Construction prides itself on giving our clients quality service by getting the job done right the first time, on budget and on time. This is accomplished through the development of a well-trained and skilled staff. Our supervisors are on site to monitor every phase of the operation and are ready with informed responses and solutions. We have the personnel and the tools to complete any project whether in environmentally sensitive areas, remote locations or congested urban settings. Safety on our construction projects is never compromised. It is one of our company's core values. We provide a safe work environment for our staff and customers due to the work practices we have developed to ensure risk to people and property is minimized. Its people - honest, hard working, creative and professional, characterizes Greely.

Greely credits the evolution and complements its array of services by drawing on the skills and experience of its affiliated companies, G-Tel Engineering and Dig Safe. Both of these groups can provide direct and indirect project support as required.

" G-Tel Engineering
An engineering and professional services division with deep expertise in the design / build development of utility projects. Its team of experienced professionals is positioned to provide support ranging from utility design, CAD/GIS records management, coordination and permits, utility locating and project management control. G-Tel maintains a permanent complement of on-staff Professional Engineers.

" Dig-Safe
A group that maintains a fleet of specializes in hydro vac trucks. Dig-Safe provides a service that can locate subsurface utilities or structures in a minimally invasive manner. Its vacuum equipment can also ensure a clean and safe environment.

The combined capability of the three companies offers:

==> Best in class skilled and innovative technical resources
==> An advanced Health & Safety policy and training policy
==> Design / build turn key expertise that can tackle large, complex projects
==> Ability to mobilize across Canada and Internationally
==> A track record of success


Greely Construction continues to develop and expand its horizons due to its innovative culture and maintain its presence as a leader in the market place. Whether traditional solutions or the development of leading edge applications, we are committed to delivering quality driven services in a cost-effective and professional manner. Greely Construction is proud of its accomplishments, but must also recognize the contribution to the success of the company by its many talented and hard working employees.



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