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No other Course of this kind gives a greater value for the registration fee.

25th Annual


Theory, Practice & Field Demonstrations

September 12 - 15, 2022 Online,
September 19 - 21 , 2022 In-Person and
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

GOwen ENVIRONMENTAL present Contaminated Site Management, a comprehensive course that provides a solid theoretical and practical foundation in contaminated site management. The Course has been developed especially for individuals who manage, regulate, investigate, remediate, or are impacted by contaminated sites. Managing these sites is a multidisciplinary task, therefore, integrating several disciplines is necessary to efficiently and economically manage or make decisions regarding site issues.

  5 days of content spread across 7 days. Attendees can choose to take the entire course online or a hybrid of both online and in person sessions.
  4 half days online and 2 days indoor of in-depth discussions by 14 leading environmental, soil, sediment and groundwater experts representing academia, consulting, and government from across North America. These experts will provide a comprehensive overview of hydrogeology and geochemical principles, site assessment procedures, risk assessment and risk management tools, remediation technologies, and management issues relating to contaminated and hazardous waste sites.
  600+ page edited notebook and access to resource folder
  1 half-day of hands-on technical demonstrations on Site Characterization and Remediation Technologies and Techniques used in sampling and monitoring programs.
  4.7 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

COMPARE THE CONTENT to any other Training and then COMPARE THE VALUE
No other Course of this kind gives a greater value for the registration fee.

The Only Contaminated Sites Management Training You Will Ever Need!


Cleaning Up the Mess (Excerpt from ECO Canada - Newsletter)

The Canadian contaminated sites sector has grown quickly over the past few years, driven by a combination of regulatory and economic pressures. In 2008, ECO Canada's Contaminated Sites Report - When Supply Does Not Meet Demand - affirmed that between 2004 and 2019, the federal government would commit up to $4 billion to clean up properties that it owns or that fall under federal responsibility. This includes more than 4,400 federal contaminated sites as well as 28,000 non-federal properties.

In conjunction with high profile cases such as the BP oil spill, these industry-wide changes have led to heightened awareness on issues relating to contaminated sites, encouraging countries around the world to develop and implement stricter guidelines and standards for the investigation, mitigation and remediation of contaminated sites. However, like most environmental work, the skills needed to clean up these sites are multidisciplinary and require a unique set of cross-sectoral competencies from employees.

There are a number of environmental training facilities currently operating in Canada, but GOwen ENVIRONMENTAL is the only facility in the world that offers a one week indoor-outdoor course covering all issues related to managing subsurface contamination, from theory to practice. The fifteen instructors leading the course come from all across North America with backgrounds in academia, private industry and government, and are recognized as leading experts and educators in their respective fields.

The course is a joint project between GOwen ENVIRONMENTAL, the Association for Environmental Health and Sciences and the International Association of Hydrogeologists and was founded to provide leading-edge environmental training and networking through courses, conferences and workshops. This year will mark the 16th anniversary of its annual Contaminated and Hazardous Waste Site Management Course, a comprehensive course that provides a solid theoretical and practical foundation in contaminated site management. The course integrates several different disciplines and has been developed specifically for individuals who manage, regulate, investigate, remediate or are impacted by contaminated sites.

Below is one comment of the many comments we have received about the course.

Subject: Great Course in Toronto !!

Please go to www.contaminatedsite.com to check-out the course coming-up in Toronto. This is truly a world-class course .... and this year it is held right in Canada! Perry Sarvas and Kip Hawley both attended and it was the best training they have ever had. This year looks even better! Feel free to call Perry or Kip if you want a participants perspective. I strongly recommend this course, especially for those who want some in-depth contaminated or hazardous waste site management training, contaminated site program or project management or risk-assessment. If you having been waiting a long time for training, I think you will be very pleased with this course.... fill-out your 15-11 form today since there is relatively little time to process your request!

Jim Gehrels
Groundwater Group Leader
Northern Region
Ministry of Environment & Energy


Over the last 35 years, countries around the world have developed and implemented guidelines and standards for the investigation, mitigation, and remediation of contaminated properties. In all sectors of the economy, high profile contaminated sites, human health issues, litigation, and enormous cleanup costs have heightened the awareness of environmental issues relating to contaminated properties. Contaminated soil, sediment or groundwater in prime real estate and sensitive ecological locations has resulted in the loss of millions of dollars due to lack of development or ineffective management of these properties.

GOwen ENVIRONMENTAL was founded to provide specialized and leading-edge environmental training and networking through courses, conferences, and workshops. This Course was developed to provide a medium for the transfer of unbiased information and technology to clean up contaminated properties. The Course has evolved over the last eighteen years into an internationally recognized solution-based training program that brings together participants, regulators, consultants, and academics from across the globe.

The Course is firmly established as far as content and instruction. The Course is sponsored by one of the largest environmental associations in North America and largest groundwater resource protection associations in the world. Over the last twenty-five years, the Course has received support and sponsorship from major environmental associations world-wide. The instructors represent academia, government, and the private sector; all are leaders in their respective fields. This framework provides for an unbiased transfer of information that provides individuals who own, regulate, investigate, remediate or are impacted by contaminated properties with a solid theoretical and practical foundation in contaminated site management. The management of these sites is a multi-disciplinary task. This course integrates all the disciplines necessary to successfully, efficiently and economically manage or make decisions regarding these sites.

Course participants will receive theoretical and practical foundations, as well as important information regarding regulatory compliance aspects of contaminated site management. This knowledge will be coupled with a hands-on approach to understanding the tools and techniques for managing contaminated sites. Some experience is helpful, but not necessary, as the Course teaches basic principles before addressing more advanced topics.

This is the only course being offered globally that covers all issues related to managing subsurface contamination, from theory to practice. The Course's 10+ instructors are from academia, private industry, and government in North America and are recognized as leading experts and teachers in their respective fields. These instructors will provide attendees with access to a broad base of practical experience and an excellent opportunity to network with leading professionals.

Regardless of your level of expertise, the combination of information presented during this Course will not be found elsewhere and will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to effectively manage contaminated sites. This Course will provide participants with the competitive edge required in this rapidly evolving field.

As part of the education process, selected case histories of soil, sediment and groundwater investigations, remediations and risk assessments will be studied to further emphasize the practical aspects of each lecture topic. While a good number of 2-3 day short courses are offered on some aspects of contaminated site management, there are few one-week courses offering the opportunity for in-depth learning of a more complete range of issues. The extent of recent developments in the science and technology of contaminated and hazardous waste site management is such that one would be required to attend many short courses in order to be brought up to speed. Our intensive course with additional demonstrations, is an attractive alternative for busy professionals.

This days-long course allows for a half-day of seminars to demonstrate the various site characterization and remediation technologies currently being used on sites across North America today.

The majority of courses provide two or three instructors to cover an extensive array of topics in two days and charge the same amount for registration for two days as this course charges for our total five days of content. The 10+ instructors in this course, along with the many technology demonstrators, will provide attendees with a unique access to a very broad base of practical experience and an excellent opportunity to network with leading professionals.

This Course provides an unparalleled synthesis of technical information and applied knowledge in contaminated and hazardous waste site management.

Who Should Attend

The course is designed for individuals working in the contaminated sites field including operations, facility management, facility planning, program delivery, brokerage, senior management, policy development and project management including groundwater hydrologists, geoscientists, geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, geomorphologists, earth scientists, hydrogeologists, environmental geologists, environmental geoscientists, and environmental engineers, technicians, chemists, environmental scientists, lawyers, municipal/provincial/state/federal regulators, biologists, risk management professionals, environmental consultants, regulatory or compliance officers, program managers and project managers for industry and government.

Individuals who are looking for training on theory, techniques and tools used to characterization, monitor, mitigate and manage contaminated sites/properties as well as to the process of remediation of pollution causing contamination of soil, sediment and surface and groundwater. Many individuals have attended or been involved with other environmental or environmental protection training for contaminated, hazmat or pollution management through other courses, conferences, seminars, workshops and summits and found that the theoretical, practical and real world learning environment found in this course was the best that they have experienced.

75% of course attendees each year attend the courses based on recommendations from previous course attendees and the other 25% through our advertising.

CEUs - Professional Development Credit

Upon completion of the Course registrants will receive a certificate of participation. In accordance with the various professional association's continuing professional development program guidelines, the professional associations recognize one contact hour as one professional development hour. The allocation is 2.7 CEUs for the first session, 2 CEUs for the second and 4.7 CEUs for the entire course. The CEUs are accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). Please see your professional association guidelines and check with them for more information on your professional development requirements and on how this course will benefit your professional development plan.

Topics covered in the course include:

Contaminant Hydrogeology and Hydrology, Soil Chemistry of Hazardous Materials, Site Characterization and Conceptual Site Model Development, Project Management Tools for Environmental Projects including cost estimation and communication strategies, Sediment Characterization, Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, Soil Remediation and Groundwater Remediation, Environmental Site Assessment or Characterization Tools and Techniques, Contaminated Site Project Management for consultants and clients, Environmental Law Applicable to Contaminated Sites, Health & Safety at Hazardous Waste Sites


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